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Our services will help you identify opportunities for growth, define measurable outcomes, and implement new strategies to achieve your goals. By working together, we can position your business for great success and increase your volume year over year.
What is a business financial management consultant?
Financial management consultants work with business owners and key financial executives who want to add value and save time and money. We help keep the finance component of your business moving forward to evolve from traditional transaction and reporting, to more efficient analytical and data-driven processes. This in turn will provide timelier insights to decision makers to drive strategy and meet business objectives.

Custom-tailored solutions

Jenn Morin Consulting has custom-tailored solutions you need to tackle your most critical business issues.

Performance & Cost Management

To operate efficiently and strategically, our organization can provide:

  • Cost and profitability analysis; we measure and analyze the financial impact of activities and behaviors to identify opportunities to improve performance and increase revenue.
  • Finance process maximization; we help increase the efficiency of existing processes through analysis of the current and potential future state.
  • Financial planning and analysis; we provide business owners and key financial executives detailed business insight to enhance financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities for clients.
  • Financial benchmarking; we utilize external data to identify opportunities for financial improvement specifically tailored for your business.

Jenn Morin Consulting LLC services help clients fine-tune their organizations for optimal performance, achieve business objectives, and transform value to become agile, innovative entities that are ready for whatever the future may bring.

Strategy & Performance Improvement

Our consultants will help you align your organization’s people, processes, and technology to reduce cost and increase revenue—from strategy to execution. Our team is ready to transform your customer experience, accelerate business performance, manage your talent, and address any inventory related concerns.

We will help you prepare for what’s next by advising on how finance can be best organized to deliver efficiencies (bottom line savings) and effectiveness (top line growth) in accordance with the organization’s strategy and vision. Our management consultants bring a tailored approach to help you develop and operationalize strategies to create specific tactics that will trigger the transformation you want.

With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions and priorities, we help you align your company’s people and processes and optimize performance from strategy to execution and design customized strategies that will launch your future and help you accelerate past the competition. Our performance improvement team helps clients align their organization for optimal performance by streamlining processes, reducing waste, and measuring the achievement of outcomes.